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We have worked with Sonja on both the buy and the sell side of the real estate market and can unequivocally say that she is a great real estate agent. She is highly communicative and very knowledgeable. Sonja recently assisted us selling our home. She and her team guided us through the process, helped communicate expectations and timelines with our renter, provided excellent advice, and brought the house to a quick and efficient sale. We recommend her highly.

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How it all started tofind the "MAGIC"...

sonja huntsman

I have been coming to Sun Valley since I was 3. I had my first ski lesson on Dollar Mountain! Ski racing, mountain biking and family vacations kept me coming back to Sun Valley every year throughout high school. Right after graduating from college, I made one last trip out. As I was watching the famous Sun Valley Ice Show with the sun just setting over Bald Mountain, I thought, “It’s been a long time since I have skied here.” The next day, my mom and I started looking for a condo to buy. I moved to Sun Valley in October, 1994, and am still here. My mom asked me to tell her if the “magic” of Sun Valley ever left. To this day, it hasn’t!

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